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Turn your home into one you love for a low monthly payment


$20k $1m+


300 - 540 per month!
  • Sketch of home renovation
  • Plans becoming reality
  • Home after renovation

We are NOT a Bank, We are a Matchmaker

RenoFi has done all of the hard work of searching for the best renovation loans in the country. We highlight the best options for you and help compare them. When you've selected the best renovation loan for you, we match you with the bank, saving you both time & money!

Completely Free

We are completely free!

Banks pay us, not homeowners. We guarantee you will not pay a penny more because you found the loan on RenoFi.

We're Impartial

We’re impartial

We don’t allow one lender to incentivize us - banks pay a consistent fee to RenoFi regardless of the loan or financing amount.

Comprehensive Comparisons

Comprehensive comparisons

Don’t get stuck with whatever bank you call first - we’ll compare your options nationwide.

Personalized Recommendations

Personalized recommendations

Comparing renovation loans is much more than rate shopping - we’ll tell you how the options stack up for you.

Understand What's Involved

Understand what’s involved

Applying for renovation loans is easier with experience - we’ll help you get ready.

Don't Miss a Step

Don’t miss a step

Our app will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

Why are Renovation Loans the Most Affordable Option?

You hear about so many options for financing today. Unfortunately, most are not competitive and can cost you tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars more over the length of the loan.

Piggy Bank

Lowest Rates

Renovation loans secured against your home give you the lowest possible fixed rates, as low as 3.625%!

Lowest Monthly Payment

Just like traditional mortgages, Renovation Loans secured against your home allow you to spread the cost of the loan over periods of up to 30 years, making monthly payments more affordable.

Learn About Renovation Financing From the Experts

What Is a Renovation Loan?

Renovation Loans are the smartest ways for homeowners to finance renovations. Yet most homeowners are completely unaware of how Renovation Loans work. But don’t worry, by the time you are done reading this post, you’ll be in the know.
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How Renovation Loans Actually Work

This post gets into the nitty gritty details of how Renovation Loans actually work, from preparing to apply for the loan all the way through project completion. We cover the four steps to in the process.
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Why We Launched RenoFi - You Only Raise Your Family Once

You and your spouse have started a family and bought a home within the last few years. You chose a family oriented neighborhood in a town with great schools. And now you likely have a renovation wish list a mile long. That’s where RenoFi comes in. We are here to help you get your someday home, today. And we help you do it in the most financially responsible way possible.
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