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Renovation home equity loans allow you to borrow more

See how using the post-renovation value of your home increases your borrowing power

Total cost of renovation:
Current mortgage balance:
Current home value:
Future (renovated) home value:

Your increased borrowing power:

  • Sketch of home renovation
  • Plans becoming reality
  • Home after renovation

Smart reasons to use a renovation home equity loan

Maximize your borrowing power

Maximum borrowing power

RenoFi uses the future value of your home post-renovation rather than your home’s current value, so you can borrow more at the best possible terms.

Don’t give up your great first mortgage rate!

No refinance required

Unlike other financing options, a renovation home equity loan allows you to keep your great first mortgage rate intact.

Partnered with credit unions

The lowest fees

RenoFi partners with select credit unions and community banks that focus on serving their community and offer the lowest fees available.

Lowest rates

The lowest rates

Don’t mess with personal loans or credit card debt. Renovation home equity loans are secured against your home in order to provide the lowest rates possible.

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