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Our Story

Eight years ago, my wife Megan & I, along with our one-year old son bought our first home in Devon, PA, just outside of Philadelphia. The home was built in the early 60’s and we knew there were a few projects like updating the kitchen that we wanted to do within the first few years.

But renovating is expensive, and having just bought the home we didn’t have a ton of equity built up yet to tap for the renovation. That’s when I learned about construction loans but I was told I’d have to refinance my mortgage which was the last thing I wanted to do since we had a great rate locked in.

As our family grew from three to five with the arrival of our youngest two children, our renovation wishlist grew with it. From the closed floor plan to a lack of storage space (I mainly blame the grandparents who can’t stop spoiling the kids for the space issue!) and more, our house simply no longer worked for our family.

We loved everything about where we lived (our neighbors, the quiet street, etc.) but we didn’t love our home. We make such huge financial & emotional investments into our homes, we really should love where we live. For us, that meant we had to renovate.

Frustrated by the lack of simple loan options that would give me the credit for the increased home value up front, I knew there had to be a better way and RenoFi was born.

I’m proud to say I am not only the founder, but a customer as well. Our renovation was completed in 2020.

- Justin Goldman, Co-founder

Founding Team

Justin Goldman

Co-Founder & CEO
NMLS # 1733519

Lee Miller

Co-Founder & President
NMLS # 1747169

Rob Shedd

Co-Founder & CTO