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Five years ago, my wife Megan & I, along with our one-year old son bought our first home in Devon, PA just outside of Philadelphia. The home was built in the early 60’s and we knew there were a few projects like updating the kitchen that we wanted to do within the first few years. But as our family grew from three to five with the arrival of our youngest two children, our renovation wishlist grew with it. From the closed floor plan to a lack of storage space (I mainly blame the grandparents who can’t stop spoiling the kids for the space issue!) and more, our house simply no longer worked for our family. We loved everything about where we lived (our neighbors, the schools, etc.) but we didn’t love our home.

We make such huge financial & emotional investments into our homes, we really should love where we live. For us, that meant we had to renovate. But renovating is expensive, and having just bought the home we didn’t have a ton of equity built up yet to tap for the renovation. That’s when I learned about construction loans but I was told I’d have to refinance my mortgage which was the last thing I wanted to do since we had a great rate locked in.

It became crystal clear that the options available to homeowners like my wife & I were simply insufficient. I knew right away that my co-founders & I could use our technology and entrepreneurial backgrounds to help homeowners accelerate their renovation timelines with the smartest financing solution possible and that's when RenoFi was born. RenoFi offers the first home equity loan purpose built for renovations. Unlike standard home equity loans, RenoFi uses the expected value of your home post-renovation which lets you borrow the most money at the best possible terms.

We set out to build a marketplace where everyone in our ecosystem wins, from homeowners to our lending partners and even the folks in the renovation ecosystem like contractors and realtors. This is the goal that we are striving for each and everyday. To learn more, check out our blog where we share a whole lot more!

Justin Goldman, Co-founder & CEO



Justin Goldman

Justin Goldman
Co-Founder & CEO
NMLS # 1733519

Hometown: Devon, PA

College: The Pennsylvania State University

Quick professional background: Since my sophomore year at Penn State, I’ve been a company builder with a focus on technology enabled businesses. This is the third company I’ve built with Rob. My superpower is understanding the needs of the customers we serve and playing my part in helping to craft solutions to meet those needs.

Personal interests: As a husband, father of 3 and founder of a venture backed technology company, a majority of my time and energy is focused on family & RenoFi and I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I’m not with family or RenoFi, you can find me missing layups on the basketball court at the Upper Main Line YMCA & catching up with friends.

Renovated or Renovating?: We are in the process of planning our renovation as we speak and look forward to being one of RenoFi’s first customers!

Lee Miller

Lee Miller
Co-Founder & President
NMLS # 1747169

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

College: The Pennsylvania State University

Quick professional background: I’ve spent my career working with high growth tech companies as an investor and advisor. I most recently led the investment team at Actua, a publicly traded venture fund focused in SaaS. Justin and I met at Penn State back in 2004, deciding to go into business together, along with Rob, almost 15 year later. WE ARE!

Personal interests: My wife Melissa and I have a passion for travel, hoping to see and experience as much of the world as we can. Sometimes we bring our Morkie named Dwayne with us! Our favorite spots are Japan, Kenya and Italy so far. Otherwise you'll find me running down the Schuylkill River Trail or Trusting The Process and all Philly sports teams!

Renovated or Renovating?: My wife and I are in the process of purchasing our first home, which we plan to turn into our dream house using one of RenoFi’s Renovation Home Equity products!

Rob Shedd

Rob Shedd
Co-Founder & CTO

Hometown: San Francisco, CA

College: The Pennsylvania State University

Quick professional background: I've worked at the intersection between product and engineering for my entire career, leading teams for multiple high-growth startups and starting with IBM in financial services. I'm excited to be working with Justin and Lee, applying all of our experience crafting user-centered products into launching a service that truly helps homeowners, lenders, and service providers.

Personal interests: Originally from the Philadelphia area, my wife and I relocated to SF about 6 years ago. Now we have a 6-month old son! Whenever I'm not working on RenoFi, exploring new technologies, or working with other entrepreneurs, I love enjoying all of the outdoor activities around the Bay Area.

Renovated or Renovating?: My wife and I currently live in a condo, but are always adding to our wishlist for our future house!

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