5 Upgrades Homeowners Love When Remodeling in Philadelphia

Philadelphia is comprised of a diverse group neighborhoods that for planning purposes have been divided into twelve sections including areas like Center City, South Philadelphia, Roxborough-Manayunk, and Germantown-Chestnut Hill. If that list wasn’t overwhelming already, many of these planning sections include several smaller neighborhoods within them like Fairmount or Fishtown. While many of these neighborhoods contain unique building and architectural styles, there are some things that all Philadelphians need to consider when embarking on a remodel or home improvement project.

Regardless of whether you have a city home from the late 1800s or a suburban home built in 1980, a home renovation is a chance to make your home reflect you, while also maintaining some of its original character. We know it sometimes help to have a bit of inspiration so we put together 5 trends other homeowners remodeling Philadelphia have loved to help inspire you and your own project.

Rehabbed Original Floors

Homeowners love their wood floors. And in Philly, many of them are taking advantage of the fact that older Philly homes have awesome old wood flooring. You may have to strip away a few layers on top of that wood, but keep searching and see what you find! Even if it is a little more costly, more people are choosing to refinish rather than replace with lower cost options such as wood laminate.

Mixed Material Kitchen

So long subtle kitchen decor. Matching is out and mixing is in. From two-toned cabinets with a contrasting center island to mixed metal faucets, custom-colored appliances, bold backsplashes and decorative sink panels, the more patterns, the better. Plus, multi-functional islands featuring seating, storage, beverage fridges and more are pushing the “bigger is better” mantra harder than ever.

Maintaining the Entrance Vestibule

While some entrance vestibules need a little modernization, others are just too cool to change. With funky tile or unique industrial vibe, this space merges outdoor and indoor elements to be inviting, yet practical throughout the seasons. Some homeowners will pay big bucks to add a vestibule to their entry, but many older Philly homes already enjoy the luxury - and just need a little refresh.

New Mudroom Addition

From the occasional snow-filled Philly winters to muddy playdates in the spring and summer, most busy households are opting for a place for kids to take off their shoes, store their outerwear, and clean up before dinner. With popular trends like built-in storage cabinets and cubby holes, comfortable sitting areas, even tiled pet showers or sinks, these rooms are not only super functional, but more stylish than ever.

Bold Bathroom Upgrades

Both minimalist and statement-making all at the same time, stones like concrete and marble are taking over as a top bathroom trend. From subtle countertops to dramatic full-wall replacements mixed with wood, tile, and other elements, it brings a luxe feeling to any bathroom. More homeowners are also heading to the dark side with moody, ultra-dark color palettes. Not to mention, showers themselves are getting bolder, taking over half the square footage with walk-in and sit-in features.

Exposing Brick Walls

Another fun perk of an older Philly home is the brick walls you’ll often find hidden below the surface. Exposing these walls is particularly popular with city homes as they provide a visual texture which exudes a warmer feel. There’s nothing quite like the original clay-and-mortar structure to recall the history of a home - whether bare or painted. This is a particularly popular feature with some RenoFi clients.

A little inspiration can go a long way

A little inspiration can go a long way. To make your home a unique reflection of your family, check out the Before & After stories of other RenoFi homeowners for some more ideas - see the story of Katie and Ken in Ardmore and DJ and Vanessa of Villanova PA. And contact us to discuss your project!

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