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Press Release: Innovative Credit Unions Transforming Renovation Lending with RenoFi

Philadelphia, PA (January 28th, 2021) – RenoFi (, the leading financial technology company enabling credit unions to offer next-generation home renovation financing, is excited to announce its partnership launch with several new, innovative credit unions across the United States. RenoFi has cemented its focus in the credit union industry in 2020, adding an additional eight credit union partners that are currently offering its next-generation renovation loans. These partners are leveraging RenoFi’s platform to revolutionize the renovation financing experience for their members and beyond.

Why Use Credit Unions for Financing Renovations

When you think about getting a loan for your home renovation, there’s a good chance you automatically assume you’ll need to talk to a bank. Most people never even consider a credit union, often because they don’t know anything about them or what they can offer. But the truth is, they’re able to offer some game-changing benefits along with their home loans that a big bank can’t. In this guide, we’ll share why RenoFi partners with Credit Unions to provide RenoFi Loans, and why we think they’re a great alternative to big banks.