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Introducing RenoFi Renovation Loans

Rob, Lee and I started RenoFi in early 2018 because of the belief that we could make a difference in millions of homeowners’ lives by empowering them to transform their homes into spaces they love with a smart and affordable financing solution. Little did we know that world events would bring people’s satisfaction with their home into such sharp relief. Today, we are announcing that we raised our Series A of $6.

Why Credit Unions?

When someone mentions getting a loan, you probably automatically assume you’ll need to talk to a bank. Most people never even consider a credit union, often because they don’t know anything about them. But the truth is, they’re able to offer some game-changing benefits that a big bank can’t. Credit Unions vs. Banks Just like banks, credit unions accept deposits, originate loans, and provide a number of financial products and services.

Why We Launched RenoFi - How Home Renovation Loans Help Achieve Your Goals

You and your spouse have started a family and bought a home within the last few years. You chose a family oriented neighborhood in a town with great schools. Because of this, the house wasn’t cheap. National Association of Realtors, US Existing Home Median Sales Price And most likely the home was pretty old, likely older than you. Don’t worry, you are not alone, in states like Pennsylvania & New York the average home is over 50 years old!