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Empower Your Clients To Tackle Their Entire Wishlist

RenoFi makes Renovation Financing easy for homeowners AND builders. Forget everything you've heard about loans for renovation - we make the process as straightforward and efficient as possible.

9 out of 10 homeowners do not know about Renovation Loans & their low monthly payments

Homeowners who are taking advantage of a low monthly payment:

  • Are more likely to follow through with the renovation
  • Are less likely to reduce the scope of the project
  • Will be less stressed and easier to work with

Builders recommend RenoFi, we take care of the rest

To get a homeowner started, builders simply recommend RenoFi to their clients. The RenoFi website & mobile apps empower homeowners to get started at a click of a button.

RenoFi unlocks your clients' constraints

"Budget concerns & constraints inevitably come up in just about every project. Previously there wasn’t much we could do to help the homeowner, but Renovation Loans are changing that in a big way, thanks to RenoFi. RenoFi ultimately makes it easy not only for my clients, but for me as well."

- Tom Hawks, Total Home Solution


Tom Hawks - Total Home Solution

A thousand times more powerful than recommending your local banker

Odds are, your local banker doesn’t have the best offering for your customers. We’ve saved some homeowners more than $100,000 by connecting them with the right lender. And just as important as money, unlike your local banker who can take days to respond to your customers, RenoFi can help your client move their project forward 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Homeowners can get everything they need to get started on RenoFi.

Renovation financing doesn't have to suck for builders

We know, we’ve heard it all before, builders hate dealing with traditional construction loans and banks. The extra paperwork & the delays in getting paid just add more stress to an already stressful world for builders.

At RenoFi, we are changing the game:

  • We handpick credit unions that value builder relationships.
  • Renovation home equity loans don't have the difficult and slow draw processes like construction loans.
  • Our credit union partners are committed to using technology to make the process seamless for everyone involved.


Builders who have clients using a Renovation Loan benefit from clients who stop dragging their feet and tackle more of their wish list. In short, you’ll get more business, you’ll close deals faster and you’ll increase the average dollar value of the projects you take on.
It’s as simple as saying "" Really that’s it - our website and app will walk your clients through the entire process from start to finish. You recommend RenoFi and we take care of the rest!
RenoFi is a broker working with credit unions. We work with your client to understand their project, identify the smartest financing for their needs and guide them through the process with our credit union partners, saving them a boatload of time and money in the process.
Nope! RenoFi does not charge builders in anyway simply because their clients use RenoFi.
We work exclusively with credit unions and are constantly monitoring our partners nationwide to ensure the best renovation financing products and rates for your clients.
We ensure homeowners get matched with the lender who will offer the best rate & lowest fees - too often homeowners settle with the first bank they call or see an advertisement for, and this can literally cost homeowners over $100,000! We save homeowners from this costly mistake.
No! Our credit union partners pay us, not homeowners. We guarantee homeowners will not pay a single penny more by finding their loan through RenoFi.
RenoFi focuses on renovation home equity loans, because they offer the lowest costs and most flexibiltiy for homeowners. You can see our overview here.

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