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We help homeowners build confidence in their wishlist and budget, so you can sign more contracts, faster.

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RenoFi financing

For homeowners who are ready to renovate and need financing.

No draws or inspections (except in Texas).
The Homeowner manages the finances.
Maximum borrowing power = Larger projects
Up to 11x more borrowing power using the After Renovation Value
Tools to simplify the process for contractors.
Generate financing options and calculate monthly payments.
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RenoFi design

For homeowners who are just starting to think about renovating.

Align wishlist with budget.
So you set the right expectations.
Generate conceptual designs in about 1 week.
Get homeowners to the fun part faster.
Explore options without breaking the bank.
Help them see the project without large upfront commitments.
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RenoFi Financing

Add a monthly payment to every bid, proposal, or contract!

Help homeowners consider their renovation as a monthly expense rather than a large lump sum payment.

Contractor friendly financing options

Max borrowing = Larger projects
We maximize borrowing power and minimize monthly payments by considering the AFTER RENOVATION value of a property.
No draws or inspections
We have eliminated the slow and burdensome inspection and draw process of construction loans. Homeowners manage the project finances.

Financing tools

Embed financing in your process and help homeowners think of a renovation as a monthly payment.

Add loan options
Embed the best renovation financing options into every proposal you send.
View a sample quote
Calculate monthly payment
Give your clients a way to calculate their renovation loan monthly payment.
Try the calculator
Leverage our advisors
Connect your clients with our expert Renovation Advisors for help.
Stay in the loop
Keep track of homeowners every step of the way and get notified when they move forward.

Trusted by thousands of contractors nationwide

RenoFi Conceptual Design

Get homeowners under contract faster!

Perfect for homeowners that want to renovate but don't yet have clarity of scope and/or budget for their project.

Homeowner benefits
Build confidence in wishlist & budget.
Work with a spatial designer to visualize a wishlist and fall in love with the project.
Generate conceptual designs in about 1 week.
Download a sample design package
Explore options without breaking the bank.
Starts at $1,000 for one major space (e.g. kitchen, master bathroom, master bedroom, etc.).
Contractor benefits
Gets homeowners unstuck and ready to renovate.
Ready to sign contracts quicker!
Homeowners reach the contract signing stage quicker!
Co branded webpage to share with clients
Always free for contractors
Focus your time on the highest ROI customers

What I appreciate most about RenoFi is the simplicity of their solution. For my clients RenoFi has created an easy online application and for me

Greg Harth
President, Harth Builders.

I was introduced to RenoFi through my client who was using them to finance an addition I was putting on his house. The process with RenoFi was very easy and I look forward to working with them again to finance future client projects.

Glen Jones
Owner, CMW Home Remodeling
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Frequently asked questions

The RenoFi mission is to be the renovation company of the future. Our business model is predicated on the successful completion of renovation projects rather than the sale of individual services, leads, or software. Instead, we make money by underwriting the renovation projects and helping provide funding. Contractors are at the heart of the renovation ecosystem, and since our launch in 2018, we’ve partnered with thousands of contractors nationwide to help them complete more projects at no cost to them.

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If you have not done a project funded by a RenoFi loan in the past, RenoFi will contact you to learn more about your business and collect basic information (licensing, insurance, references, etc). Once you have completed RenoFi's contractor diligence, you will not need to resubmit this information as long as you are in good standing with RenoFi and your licensing & insurance has not expired.
No! Once approved, borrowers receive 100% of approved funds up front. Contractors prefer working on projects with RenoFi loans because the homeowner has the funds to pay on time.
Once you collect all of the documents necessary to apply for a RenoFi Loan and connect with a lender, RenoFi completes its Renovation Underwriting process, including the ordering of the appraisal. Appraisals are typically what takes the longest, typically between 14 & 30 days.. Once the appraisal is returned and the renovation underwrite is complete, you will apply with the lender and the lender will complete their financial underwriting, which can require an additional 15-30 days until close. Timing will depend on your unique situation and the lender that you’re matched with but you should expect approximately 30-60 days between both steps to close once the necessary documents are collected. RenoFi cannot guarantee that you will be approved for a loan with any lender offering RenoFi Loans, or in any specific time frame.
Most lenders offering RenoFi Loans today do not have any prepayment penalties built into their loans.
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