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RenoFi Drives Credit Union Growth

Increase your membership and your loan assets.

RenoFi’s innovative, turn-key platform makes it possible for any Credit Union to offer renovation loans - RenoFi is your in-house renovation expert!

RenoFi is your organization's next proprietary growth engine

RenoFi is driving demand through both a direct to consumer marketing platform, as well as a proprietary network of contractors, mortgage originators, and realtors. Leveraging both channels, RenoFi sources highly qualified and motivated homeowners who are incredible prospective members.

We help you offer an industry-leading, purpose-built home renovation loan

RenoFi provides the only Renovation Underwriting platform enabling Credit Unions to offer a turn-key renovation lending program to its members. The RenoFi platform sources prospective members in your Field of Membership, educates them on their options for renovation financing, assists in the application qualification process and then provides a complete underwrite of the renovation project.

RenoFi's Renovation Underwriter provides the best way to offer Renovation loans.

RenoFi's innovative Renovation Underwriter provides a full assessment of the renovation project being completed by the member. RenoFi will certify every renovation project prior to any loan closed.

We work exclusively with Credit Unions to grow your membership base and your loan portfolio

RenoFi is a turn-key, end-to-end growth channel. We help our partner Credit Unions grow their loan portfolio by delivering highly-qualified new members seeking home renovation loans that meet your institution's specific underwriting criteria.

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