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Project Spotlight

Dave & Megan
Wynnewood, PA

Our list of renovation ideas was long, and we weren’t sure what was feasible within our budget. Traditional architecture services were too pricey for the initial exploration. We needed an affordable, professional solution to kick off our project, and RenoFi Design provided just that.

Dave Balderston

The Property

Dave and Megan found a beautiful, 1950s, high-end home in a great neighbourhood in Wynnewood, PA. Situated in a quiet, secluded setting with a large lot, there was a lot to love about their new home. But unfortunately, it just wasn’t giving them that modern luxury they deserved.

With a long renovation wish list and a limited budget, Dave and Megan decided to tackle the kitchen and dinning room first.

Before Photos

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Property Scans

To help the RenoFi Designer get a better understanding of the property, Dave and Megan scanned the rooms that they plan to renovate using the Magicplan and Hover apps. You can view these scans by clicking on the images below.

The Wish List

$200k budget
New open plan kitchen
Includes new cabinets and flooring. Keep existing appliances.
Replace both windows in the kitchen
Large window above the sink doesn’t open.
Remove the radiator from the center of the kitchen
Located next to the kitchen peninsula.
Replace the back door with a sliding patio door
Back door is old and needs replacing.

The Design Solution


Remove existing wall between dining and kitchen.
New large island with seating.
Reposition the oven.
Add a new extractor fan.
Remove small window at the side of the kitchen.
Reposition the fridge at the back of the kitchen complete with additional storage.
New large entry point into the kitchen/dinning room.

The Design Process

Initial Design Consultation

The initial design consultation helps set the foundation for the overall design direction of the project. It allows both you and the designer to align on a shared vision, ensuring that subsequent design phases align with your preferences.

Design Review

The design review is a critical checkpoint in the renovation design process. It allows for collaboration, refinement, and finalization of the design before progressing to the next stages, minimizing potential issues during the construction or implementation phase.

The Designer uses the learnings gained on the initial call to create several concept designs for the Balderstons. The Designer walks through the designs with Dave and Megan and discusses the pros, cons and costs of each solution.

Dave and Megan settle on an open floor plan concept but would like some adjustments. The Designer makes the updates live on the call. The design is now ready to move into the final stage before Design Delivery.

Design Delivery

Scope Document

Concept Designs