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Creating your first floor plan with MagicPlan

Prepare for your design consultation by capturing scans of your property using your mobile device and the free version of the apps listed below.

Magicplan enables you to effortlessly record property dimensions and generate precise floor plans using your mobile device.

The training video below covers everything you need to know about creating and sharing your first Magicplan floorplan. We’ve also included a list below to help you navigate to the relevant sections of the video.

Step 1. Download and install the app

Step 2. Creating a new project and adding a room

Skip to 4:33 for details

Tap the plus icon to add a new project. Follow the onscreen instructions to create a free Magicplan account and add your first project. You will then need to add any rooms that you plan to renovate.

Step 3. Scanning your first room

Skip to 8:22 for details

The number of scanning options available will depend on your mobile device. iPhone 12 Pro and newer Pro models have the option to use the Auto-Scan function. All other devices should choose the Manual-Scan option. The on-screen instructions will guide you through the process.

Step 4. Adding property photos after the scan is completed

Skip to 44:40 for details

It's essential to include photos of your property, as they are crucial in providing the RenoFi Design team with the information needed to explore your renovation options effectively. Try to add enough photos to cover the entire area impacted by the renovation. You can provide additional details by adding notes to the project.

Step 5. Sharing your project with the RenoFi Design Team

Skip to 50:00 for details

Once you’ve finished scanning your rooms and added photos and notes, you are almost ready to share your project with the RenoFi Design team.

First, you will need to create the PDF files for sharing. To do this, select the Export menu, tap on Sketch PDF and Sketch Files. This will generate these files and enable us to download them.

Next, tap the Sharing menu, followed by the Share Project option.

Other useful Magicplan resources

iPhone 12 Pro and newer Pro models
Android devices

How to Create Your First Floor Plan

Scan a room with the camera of your mobile device (iOS)

Scan a room with the camera of your mobile device (Android)

Creating an exterior scan using HOVER

Sample 3D exterior model by a RenoDesign customer

If your renovation includes exterior work, an exterior scan of your property will be required using the HOVER app. HOVER transforms smartphone photos of any property into an accurate, interactive 3D model, including all line lengths and surface area measurements for the roof, siding, and openings.

How to download HOVER and create an account.

Capturing photos with HOVER

Sharing your HOVER models