How it Works

RenoFi Loans are similar to traditional mortgages & home equity loans with one key difference. By using the after renovation value instead of your home's current value, RenoFi Loans enable you to borrow the most money at the lowest rates.

The RenoFi Loan Process -
Easy as 1 2 3...

Step 1 -
Choose a Loan

Identify the best RenoFi Loan for you. Need help choosing? A licensed RenoFi Loan Officer is standing by to guide you.

Step 2 -

We appraise your home based on the renovation plans. This provides the value of what the home will be worth after the renovation.

Step 3 -
Choose a Lender

RenoFi will assist you in choosing an official RenoFi lending partner. We typically match you to a local credit union.

Step 4 -
Close Loan & Renovate!

You'll complete a standard application process. Once the loan is closed the funds are available and you are ready to start renovating!

How do I know which type of loan is right for me?

Our licensed expert renovation mortgage consultants are standing by to help you explore the various options and choose the one that is best for you. Have a question - Chat, Email, Call now...