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Home Repair Loans: Everything You Need to Know

This introduction outlines the guide to navigating home repair financing, covering loan options, assistance programs, and strategies for making informed decisions on securing funds for home renovations.

Turning A Closet Into An Office: A Complete Guide

This introduction sets the stage for a comprehensive guide on transforming a closet into a functional and stylish workspace, offering design tips, practical advice, and resources for creating a "cloffice" in the modern home.

Can I Buy a House at Auction with an FHA Loan?

This article serves as a guide for utilizing FHA loans to purchase auctioned homes, detailing the process and offering insights for buyers to successfully navigate home auctions with FHA financing.

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What is your home's after renovation value and how is it calculated?

Understand the true meaning of ARV in real estate. Gain insight into how knowing your home’s after repair value can help secure financing.


Home Appraisal Guide For Home Renovation Financing and More

Understand how home appraisals impact your renovation project funding. Learn how renovations can increase your home's value and maximize your return on investment post-renovation.


How a home improvement loan calculator works

See how much you can borrow with a renovation loan for your home remodeling project, and learn more about how the home improvement loan calculator works.

RenoFi Process

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How RenoFi simplifies the home renovation loan process

Comparing rates, finding the best terms, and spending hours researching lenders is a hassle. With RenoFi, your advisor will find a lender that fits your needs with an easy, streamlined process.


How RenoFi works: for contractors

Learn more about RenoFi’s financing process for homeowners and what RenoFi requires from contractors.


What is RenoFi's contractor due diligence?

Learn more about this portion of the RenoFi Loan preparation process, including what you have to submit, what we analyze, and why we do it.


2021 Top U.S. "livable" suburbs

RenoFi’s latest research reveals the most perfect places in the United States for your forever home.


By the numbers: 2021 year in review

RenoFi’s year of growth broken down by people, projects, and more.


How much will your home value increase in 2022?

With record home prices in 2021, how much more will home prices increase in 2022? Well, it depends on where you live.