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Construction loans: what they are and how they work

A comprehensive guide to understanding what construction loans are and how the process works; from qualifying and applying to draw schedules, approvals and more.

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Which home renovations have the best ROI (return on investment)?

No matter what the motivation for your home renovation may be, you’ll want to know that your money is well spent. These are the home improvements that provide the best return on investment (ROI) to increase your home’s value.


9 tips for cutting costs on home renovations

Looking for ways to save money on home renovations? You’re not the only one. Read on to discover some money-saving tips, and some ways to revise your project if your quote gets too expensive.


The cost of lumber in 2021

The pandemic home renovation boom has pushed lumber prices to extremes, leaving those remodeling wondering if they should change renovation plans this year.


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General Liability Insurance and Construction Bonds:

Why your contractor should have these two items before they start your renovation project.


Contractor vs. homeowner disputes: should you take legal action against your contractor?

We talked to an attorney with two decades of experience to help you learn everything you need to know about involving the law in a dispute between you and your contractor.


Should I hire an architect for my remodeling project?

We interviewed a home renovation architect to find out everything there is to know about architectural plans for your remodeling project.


What's the best time of year to renovate?

Weather, cost, holidays and work come into play when thinking about the best time of year to complete a home renovation project. In this article we’ll break down the pros and cons of each season for home remodels.


Top 10 RenoFi lessons on renovating

Ten things you really need to know before you start a major home renovation.


Why so many homeowners are planning home improvements in 2022

You’re here because you’re considering a home renovation. And that means you're part of the many homeowners that say they’re planning home improvement projects in 2022. So why are home renovations now a lot more popular (and a lot less intimidating) for homeowners?


Consequences of renovating without a permit

What will happen if you renovate your home without applying for the necessary building permits?


Do I need a building permit for my renovation project?

Everything you need to know about building permits for your upcoming home remodel.


How to get a building permit for a renovation in Philadelphia

When it comes to permits for home improvements and renovation requirements, no city is exactly the same. Here's a guide to obtaining building permits for home improvements in the Greater Philadelphia Area.