Lending Disclosure

Last Revised: March 16, 2021

Important Information About How RenoFi Is Compensated, Works With Lenders

RenoFi is not a lender, does not take loan applications, set rates, or conduct hard credit pulls. We’ve partnered with lenders that leverage RenoFi’s technology to seamlessly provide RenoFi Loans. RenoFi conducts the renovation underwriting function. Apply with a RenoFi Partner Lender to obtain an official loan estimate. Your actual rate, APR, payment, and costs could be higher. This product may not be available and not all consumers will qualify. Terms and conditions are set by the Partner Lender.

Renovation Underwriting Fee: RenoFi may receive a fee from the Partner Lender for this service. There is no additional cost to the consumer for this service.

Mortgage Brokerage Fee: If you apply for a loan with a RenoFi partner lender and successfully close, in certain states where RenoFi is also a licensed mortgage broker, we may provide up to seven additional services on the transaction and receive added compensation in the form of a mortgage brokerage fee. Your Loan Estimate and all other applicable disclosures provided by the Lender Partner will reflect this.