Todd Bruess

Todd Bruess

Senior Loan Officer NMLS #409816Schedule a call with Todd Email [email protected] Phone (253) 237-4911 Based in Tacoma, WA
Loan Options for Purchase and Renovations
Conventional 1st Mortgage Financing
Renovation Financing
RenoFi 2nd's based on After Renovation Value
New Construction Financing
Options to keep your existing mortgage without refinancing!
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Todd Bruess
Introducing Todd Bruess, a distinguished Senior Loan Officer with an impressive three-decade career in the financial industry. Todd's journey has been marked by a steadfast commitment to excellence, guiding clients through the intricate world of loans and mortgages with unparalleled expertise.%0ABeyond the world of finance, Todd finds his greatest joys in the company of his beloved family. His wife and two boys are the pillars of his life, providing a foundation of love and support. The Bruess household is also lively with the presence of four furry companions, making every day a delightful adventure with the family pack. In the pursuit of work-life harmony, Todd has cultivated a passion for outdoor activities that bring both relaxation and exhilaration. A golf enthusiast, he enjoys the strategic challenges and camaraderie the sport offers. Whether it's a competitive round with friends or a leisurely game with family, Todd values the time spent on the golf course. Equally drawn to the open waters, Todd is an avid boater. From navigating tranquil lakes to exploring coastal waters, he embraces the freedom and serenity that boating provides. It's a hobby that allows him to unwind and create lasting memories with his loved ones.%0ATodd Bruess stands not only as a seasoned professional in the financial arena but also as a dedicated family man who understands the importance of a balanced and fulfilling life. With a wealth of experience and a passion for both the intricacies of loans and the joys of family and outdoor activities, Todd continues to make a lasting impact in the financial industry while relishing the moments spent with his wife, two boys, and four delightful dogs.

RenoFi Loans are unique because they allow you to borrow against what your home will be worth after the renovation is completed. This greatly increases your borrowing power and you get to keep your existing mortgage without refinancing.

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A conventional loan allowing you to finance the renovations into your mortgage! Good for purchasing a property that needs updating or to remodel your current home. Borrow against the future / after-improved value of your home! Minimum 3% down for first time buyers, 5% for others. Owner occupied, second home and investor loans available.

Learn more about Conventional Homestyle

An FHA loan that allows you to finance your renovations. Good for purchase or refinance. Perfect for first time buyers! Minimum 3.5% down. Owner-occupied only.

Learn more about FHA 203k Loan

Renovation loan for veterans. Same VA loan requirements but borrow money on top of the purchase to renovate a property. Owner-occupied only.

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Decide if a HELOC vs Home Equity Loan is best for you. Figure out how useful they could be towards financing major projects like that home renovation you’ve been planning with this guide.


An expert guide to everything you need to know about home renovation loans. Boost your borrowing power by discovering the best renovation loans that factor in the after-renovation value, and tackle your entire home improvement wish list in one go!


Discover the differences between FHA 203k Loans and Fannie Mae HomeStyle Loans and how they both work for financing renovations.

Why a RenoFi Loan is the best loan for your renovation

Standard Cashout RefiStandard Home Equity LoanConstruction Loan
Loan based on the after renovation value
Borrow up to 90% after renovation value
No refinancing options available
Inspections and draws not required
See what RenoFi can do for you
See what RenoFi can do for you
Borrow more

Borrow more

RenoFi matches homeowners to the best financing product for their project.

Longest Terms, Lowest Rates

Longest Terms, Lowest Rates

Terms up to 20 years. Rates are based on the after renovation value.

No Refinancing Required

No Refinancing Required

Have a great rate locked in on your first mortgage? No problem!


Cash Up Front

Once approved, homeowners receive 100% of cash up front. No draws, no inspections.

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Todd Bruess

Todd Bruess

Senior Loan Officer NMLS #409816
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